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Holistic Health Coaching

Do you feel stressed, unhealthy, unbalanced or burnt out?

Maybe you have an idea of how you want to feel or look but can't seem to get there?

We all have goals and aspirations but often tell ourselves it can never be us, or believe we should settle for life just being how it is now. That is not true! You may just need some support or accountability to get there.

I offer virtual one to one coaching, this unique type of multi-dimensional coaching looks at getting to get to the root cause of health concerns, incorporating all areas of life from nutrition to stress, relationships and physical health to name a few.  I use proven techniques and modalities to help you overcome any blocks, limiting beliefs, negative behaviours or thought patterns to create long-term, sustainable changes. We will work together to create and action a personal development wellness plan.

The unique difference with this type of coaching is the on-going support in-between session. I understand it is the everyday moments where the challenges and the changes take place. I appreciate everyone requires different levels of support so this is personally agreed with every individual, the option of daily/weekly check-ins is available if you need extra motivation, support or accountability.  I know how important bio-individuality is therefore each programme is tailored to you on every level.

If you want to feel healthier and happier and thrive rather than survive, book a free 30 minute health consultation.  

Note - Health coaching can be used independently or alongside other conventional and alternative therapies

''One persons medicine
is another persons poison''

'We cannot heal in the same environment we got sick in'

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"I used to be someone who suffered daily with anxiety and thought that was how I was going to have to live but working with Katie helped me learn ways to deal with my anxiety when it arises. We also took time to focus on reducing my overall stress so my anxiety attacks were less often. I didn't think I would be able to do the things I can now do."

''Working with Katie changed my mindset on how I viewed food. She helped me understand my relationship with food and why I had the beliefs I did, that did not serve me. I have always been overweight and a yo-yo dieter but now I understand nutrition and food, I now eat healthily and I actually enjoy it! I've lost weight and feel much more confident in myself.''

Online courses:
I4 day holistic health challenge

Free 5 day detox challenge


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