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Katie Wolf

Sound Therapist - Meditation Teacher - Health Coach - Educator


Welcome, I'm Katie a certified integrative nutrition & health coach, sound therapist, Chopra meditation teacher and health educator.  If you are looking to improve your health and life, restore balance and create a thriving life you are excited to wake up to every single day, you are in the right place.

I work with individuals and businesses to offer a range of services including one to one coaching, workshops, events, talks and sound baths. I create bespoke packages tailored to you, from wellness events to corporate workshops.

Within my practice I guide people through transformational wellness journeys, breaking negative thought patterns and behaviours, overcoming limiting beliefs and boosting motivation and resilience. My area of expertise is stress and anxiety management, providing people with the practical tools to reduce stress and anxiety in all areas of life. 

My unique approach of holistic nutrition and lifestyle blended with effective strategies and modalities gets results, but the best part... the transformation journey and the self development work itself is fulfilling and nourishing. 


Do you know what you want but not sure how to get there?

Do your team need an uplifting boost?

We were lucky enough at Headmasters to secure Katie as a Guest speaker for a 2 hour Health and wellbeing session 


We wanted our managers to participate in some self care and to learn easy,  accessible helpful strategies to help them when managing not only their stress but the stresses their teams face. 


It was wonderful to have Katie’s positive calming energy in the room with over 100 managers and salon owners. 


Katie not only facilitated a wonderful workshop with strategies she also demonstrated a sound bath and meditation session- this massively exceeded our expectations and went down like a treat. 


Katie is so relatable not only as a genuine person but also due to her realistic knowledge of the hairdressing and beauty industry- she has lived and breathed the daily challenges that come from a fast paced, customer facing business such as hairdressing. 


I will definitely be welcoming Katie back to re-connect with our management team and salon owners to enhance their learnings even further with regards to their health and well being - we value our leaders within the group and recognise that for them to coach, guide and motivate others they must have a knowledge and great understanding of exactly what Katie promotes. 


I would strongly recommend Katie to any organisation as I feel her approach, style, and passion for healthy living and healthy minds would be a great fit for any Employer of individual. 

Laura - Headmasters UK

'Katie came to speak to our students about health and how to keep a healthy body and mind as well as her career as a holistic health coach. Katie spoke confidently and honestly and kept the audience engaged. We look forward to welcoming Katie back to Riverston School.'

- Steph

I have been LOVING the information Katie has been sending, it is super high quality and really helpful. In the mornings, I have been following her breathwork video before I start my morning and find myself focusing easier as I start my day. The rest of my tasks that day also seem to flow without the anxiety of "I'm running out of hours in the day". At night, I struggle with getting to bed and falling asleep and have found with the meditation and journaling that I am able to get "Sleepy" and achieve more hours of sleep. 

- Natalia

Katie came into our office to educate our employees on health and wellness. I gave Katie a brief with areas the team needed support on and she delivered exactly what I asked for. As well as the day being a huge success, the team were left feeling motivated and capable to make changes. Since the session Katie delivered I have seen an improvement in employees health and wellness behaviours and patterns and our sickness level has reduced. I will be inviting Katie back next quarter for a follow up session. Thank you Katie 

- Jackson


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