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5 easy ways to improve gut health in one week, in preparation for going on holiday

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Actionable things to do the week before going abroad to bolster your gut health and immune system to keep you feeling your best and potentialy reduce the risk of any holiday bugs

We've all been there, lying in a hotel room with a dodgy stomach or even worse... the bathroom floor whilst everyone else is sipping cocktails around the pool. FOMO at its finest. I've been there one too many times and vouched that would be the last! That's why I've put together a pre-holiday gut guide for you to nourish your gut microbiome and bolster immunity before heading on holiday. And the best bit? It takes no time at all.. after all we're far too busy waxing and tanning!

Tip 1 - Take pro-biotics

These are foods, drinks or supplements filled with live bacteria. It’s these live bacteria which make up a flourishing gut eco-system, necessary to carry out all the guts functions, which is many. Try adding yoghurt, kimchi, keffir or kombucha to your daily diet, if you find this a challenge to maintain take a live bacteria supplement. I increase my supplement dose a few weeks before departing to maximise those good bugs.

Tip 2 - Prioritise Sleep

Now you may wonder how sleep has anything to do with the gut, but sleep is the single most important factor in health, there is a reason Lack of sleep is the number one factor for hormone disruption, including ghrelin the hunger hormone, which is why we often eat more when tired.

Tip 3 - Eat a wide variety of plant foods

Plants are full of fibre, antioxidants and polyphenols which provide you with essential nutrients, support the immune system and the fibre keeps things moving

Tip 4 - Reduce ultra processed food intake

UPFs contains chemicals which disrupt our guts eco-system. Tip – the easiest way to do this is by preparing foods yourself rather than buying packet bought/take aways, plus the more plants you eat the less room for UPFs. Start by getting curious and looking at the labels on things you eat, you may be quite surprised!

Tip 5 - Have at least one stress reduction daily practice

Stress causes inflammation, which amongst so many other things lowers immunity and affects gut health. This could be anything from a walk with a friend to a meditation, but whatever it is make It non-negotiable.


All of these little things will improve your gut microbes, which can change in as little a three days and remember that means less chance of lying on the hotel floor!


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