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How to take your smoothie from sugar bomb to balanced nutritious goodness

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

The 3 essential components every smoothie needs

From oh god to oh goddess with these 3 essential components

As the mornings get lighter and the sun is warmer, smoothie season is swiftly upon us... finally!

Whether like me you love it post workout or as a mid morning pick me up, these truly are one of my favourites. I am always in a rush in the mornings so being able to blitz up a nutritious snack in seconds is genius. So quick, so easy, so versatile, I think of them as the LBD of refreshments - throw anything in and it'll look (well taste) amazing.

However smoothies, especially the shop bought types can be more of a sugar bomb than you may realise, sending your glucose levels higher than a packet of sweets, meaning you better strap in for that sugar rollercoaster. So how can you hop off the glucose roller coaster and jump into the lazy river?

It's so simple, just include these 3 things...

1 - Fibre

Often forgotten about but deserves not to be, fibre helps balance blood sugar and keeps us feeling full, keeping hunger at bay. Having fibre in the morning kick starts the digestive system and keeps our bowel movements regular. Fibre is essential for heart health and can lower cholesterol as well as reduces the risk of diabetes.

How to add fibre:

  • Include fruits and vegetables in your smoothie, keep the skin on. Many fruit skins contain pectin containing dietary fibre and antioxidants

  • Add oats, these are packed full of soluble dietary fibre which lowers bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of diabetes. This take it from a drink to breakfast as its much more filling and substantial

I bought a flask for my smoothies meaning I can make it at 6am and its still cold and creamy at 10am

2 - Healthy Fats

If you love that creamy, thick deliciousness, healthy fats are a must. As well as providing the perfect consistency they can reduce inflammation, help balance blood sugar which is important when adding fruit for fibre. Healthy fats are essential for the production of certain hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone. And if that wasn't enough fats help the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Examples of healthy fats:

  • Add a teaspoon of a your favourite nut butter

  • Try adding a tablespoon of liquid coconut oil (MCT)

  • 1/2 an avocado - this really helps for that creamy texture

  • Sprinkle some chia seeds into the mix or top with a crunchy seed mix

3 - Protein

We hear a lot about protein and that's because we need it in large amounts as it is essential for a large number of bodily functions from cell repair to making hormones. We all require different amounts of protein depending on our physique, activity levels and overall health. I am active and have to make a conscious effort to eat enough protein, if you're like me and don't want to track your intake, ensure to include some protein in every meal/snack. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, of which there are 20. Nine of these are essential meaning our body can not make them so we have to consume them through the nutrients we eat.

How to add protein:

  • Add a heaped tbsp of hemp seeds

  • Greek yoghurt - if you buy think this gives a creamy texture and is full of live bacteria so will nourish your gut microbiome

  • Chia seeds, peanut butter, tahini and pumpkin seeds also contain some protein

  • You may wish to add a protein powder, either plant or animal based

Now you have the basics it's time to go make your smoothie, tag me on Instagram and share any recipe ideas below.

PS - If you have little ones, freezing these smoothies is a healthy alternative to ice lollies and will contain no nasties as you made it yourself with fresh ingredients

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